Most people in the real world are big believers in the relationship that detoxification is closely related to weight loss. Why is it? For understand that we need to learn first, how does our body get intoxicated and what are its consequences as a result of increased fats in our body and eventually obesity? weight loss thailand

Second, how our body acquires poisons…

Our body gets intoxicated in many ways. One of them is, our daily drugs that we take, do you know that aspirin also emits certain toxins in our body that affect our rate of metabolism. I still ask people who go to a drug shop to ask for a regular headache medication, why do you use it for a normal reason? The body is more than enough to solve this problem on its own. It takes more likely an hour or two to get rid of it than using a tablet. That’s the whole thing.

Even the food we eat and when we feed in our body releases toxins. This is very significant, the digestive mechanism of the body is very different, the time we eat our food and the normal, how we eat it is a contributing factor in how much toxins our bodies produce.

Another consideration is alcohol and smoking intake, these are by far the main culprits in the release of toxins, and it also affects the one portion of our body whose sole purpose is to get rid of the toxins naturally.

How does our body naturally get rid of the toxins?

Our liver is the component that helps our body get rid of our body’s toxins. This acts in such a way as to purify our body from these toxins and keep our metabolic rate intact.

So what is detoxification and how the loss of weight is related to.

In saying the loss of weight, I mean in having a good diet alone. Using the diet alone and eating habits to lose weight and not building exercises for anyone. We get rid of pollutants in our body by detoxifying, which obstructs the natural process of burning fat and producing energy for our daily activities. The metabolic rate regulates this. If our metabolism rate is not correct, our body produces a lot of fat, resulting in obesity.

We improve our metabolic rate by detoxification and most importantly aid is the appropriate function of our liver, which keeps the toxins out of our body.

In conclude, detox is a great way to increase our rate of metabolism and lose weight in the end. And they are closely connected.

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